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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Tue Dec 11 20:49:17 CST 2012

          14 years ago today I hiked the most miles I've
          ever hiked in a day; 28 miles from Thomas Knob to
          Damascus. This was a dreary, cloudy, misty day.
          100 yards or so from one of the Hwy 58 crossings
          just north of Damascus I had a stare down with a
          bobcat. It was one of the top-5 highlights of the
          hike. I smoked a cigar as I hiked that last
          half-mile along the highway into town. There was a
          drizzle that was trying really hard to be a rain.
          After I got set up in The Place we all went over
          to Quincy's for pizza. Somehow there were about 8
          of us there: Me, Lucky Luke and Calamity Jane,
          Sundown, Groovin' Moose and the two guys with the
          two dogs (I can never remember their names) and
          maybe a couple of locals.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
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