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Am I the only one wondering why your trail journal from 15 years ago is
being posted?

On Dec 25, 2012 8:55 PM, "Felix J" <AThiker at smithville.net> wrote:

> 12/25/98  Tricorner Knob Shelter, Smoky Mountains NC
> I woke up to find that the temps had dropped drastically
> through the night.
> Into the lower 20s or less.This was a good thing as the mud
> puddle in the
> middle of the shelterfloor had frozen and it was much easier
> to walk around
> in the shelter. (The shelters in the Smokys have a 6'xSW
> walking area with 'SW'= shelter width)
> It was also a good thing because there usually isn't much in
> the way
> of clouds, or fog, when it's that cold. So, just after
> daybreak I headed
> up a crunching, frozen Trail. I like crunching better than
> sloshing.
>   The sky was actually clear above, and the valleys below were
> full of the 'smoke' that is the namesake of these mountains.
> At one
> point I saw what I thought were bobcat prints. I don't know
> if there are
> bobcats here, or not. It could have been a fox. I don't know
> if there are
> foxes here or not.
> I made really good time this day. I was surprised to find
> the Trail
> crowded from Icewater Spring to Newfound Gap. It was a
> beautiful day.
> Mid-twenties and clear. I got to Mt. Collins shelter a
> little before 5.
> That shelter is a beautiful place just before sunset on a
> crisp, cold
> Christmas evening. The fire the two boys from Cincinnati had
> built was a
> beautiful thing, too. I'll never forget the one who looked
> at me and
> said "That fire'd cost you $8,000 if you bought the wood at a
> convenience store." I laffed then. I laff now.
> I had an enjoyable evening with these two guys. They didn't
> necessarily
> practice some of the LNT techniques the way I'd have liked
> for them to.
> But, they were harmless, overall. They gave me my first-ever
> (and, last)
> drink of Jaegermeister. "Nyquil from the liquor store" I
> call it. They
> also gave me hair-covered cheese and salami that I didn't
> want to eat...
> but, couldn't throw away. In the dark, it all tastes the
> same. I smoked a cigar.
> --
> Felix J. McGillicuddy
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