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Russ Dade trailr at aol.com
Thu Dec 27 09:44:21 CST 2012

I know Felix, and like reading his trail entries, and his old AT magazine stories, and everyone's trail and non trail experiences.... Because I know most of these people, and have for almost 20 years.  Who are you, and why should we care?

Hotdog AT 03

Trail Journals entry
March 1, 2003. Springer to Hawk Mt.
Posted for no reason at all.

Well, last night was very interesting. The wind changed direction and blew into the “not as weather-proof” side of the tent. Did I mention that it was raining ? So my sleeping bag got kind of wet, but I stayed pretty warm until 7 AM. I was wiping water off things most of the night. Temp. probably was in the upper 30’s. Went up to Springer again this morning for fog pictures, then hit the trail north. We are officially Pack 31 now (3/1/03). Ate lunch after long falls at the Hickory Flatts pavilion. Laid my gear out to dry, but forget it. Hiked a little farther to Hawk Mountain Shelter (at 3:30PM) and set up shop in the loft, all my gear hanging out to dry again. Hiked with Liteshoe, Wench, Happy, Bumpkin, and Kevin. Feels good to sit back and relax for a while. Everything aches a little, nothing too bad. Got really cold up in the shelter loft, started shivering, wrapped in my space blanket, put on layers. Got dressed and started dinner at the picnic back in the rain. Only off by a little on my alcohol, drank some scotch, relit the stove. Freeze dried spaghetti is ok, with hot sauce, parmesan, salt and pepper (and more scotch), with coffee. I’ve eaten a ton today, feels good, had a hiker playing cool banjo and tell stories ( I took his picture so people would believe me), Bone Dancer. Sleeping bag is mostly dry, but I’m warm now, it will be ok. I’ll let you know about bears and mice tomorrow. Update: Mouse activity last night, found turds in and on my coffee cup. (Best cup I’ve had so far).

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