[at-l] Wow, a for real flame war

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Amen!  Couldn’t have said it better.

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Mr. triple-crowner [http://worldwidesadventures.com/about/]
may be new to the List and he may not understand [or more 

likely, care] that Felix's posts about the last days of his hike 

are a long-standing tradition on the List.  My adrenalin starts 

pumping every year when Felix gets to Max Patch and doesn't 

stop 'til he gets to Springer.  And it’s partly because long-time 

Listers have known and loved Felix for many years.  He’s 

someone we care about.  ‘Worldwide,’ on the other hand, has 

introduced himself as a troll, and I doubt we’ll ever care about 

him no matter what his ‘credentials.’

If Felix ever quit posting these, the Holidays as we 
know them would cease to exist.  And that's a fact. 

~~ eArThworm
(another long-time Lister)


On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 12:12 AM, Peter Fornof wrote:

Haven't seen one of these on the list since forever. Well, 

I'll join. I'm a long-time lister and I look forward to 

re-reading Felix's posts from his hike.

And KB answered:

+1 from another long time lister.  


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