[at-l] Surprised

Patton, Linda lpatton at fsu.edu
Thu Dec 27 17:34:49 CST 2012

From: South Walker<mailto:southwalker at windstream.net>
...Apparently somebody forgot to take their meds...

From:  JPL [jplynch at crosslink.net]
Maybe the go-away prescription will kick in...
This kerfluffle seems to have been a Rx for getting people out
of the woodwork and talking again.  Nice to hear from y'all.  :-)

So....anyone have any TrailJournals they're following?  It's
sometimes hard to tell whether they'll be worth staying with
until they actually start hiking, so I'm starting with a couple f
olks I already know:

Bamboo Bob (CDT)
Stumpknocker (FT--already hiking)

And taking a chance on some I don't know:
Princess Doah (ECT--already hiking)
Balls & Sunshine (father/daughter--CDT--enjoyed their previous journals)

I think I need a good TJ for the PCT.  Any recommendations?

~~ eArThworm
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