[at-l] Surprised

Jim and_or Ginny Owen spiriteagle99 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 27 20:35:35 CST 2012

I was.  Surprised, that is.   Whatever else Worldwide is , he's a troll.  He did the same kind of thing on cdt-l 3 or 4 weeks ago - picked on something to bitch about and then made an ass of himself.   The Law of Unintended Consequences seem to have bit him in an inconvenient place though.  As Earthworm said, it drew a lot of you (including me) out of the woodwork.  Which is good.  And, y'all done good.  Laughter is a bitter medicine for trolls.   Anyway, I dropped in to say a belated Merry Christmas to y'all.   So to ALL of those who are still here -----   MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.   Walk softly, Jim

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