[at-l] Matt is correct.... now he can leave in happiness.

Mark Liechty mlaccs at mlaccs.com
Fri Dec 28 10:29:16 CST 2012

> From: mpsignore at gmail.com
> Basically you all think I am a troll.  Yet very few of you calling me a troll still hike.  Yet you lurk on the lists trying to stay relevant with a list full of non hiking irrelevant people doing nothing but emailing back and forth there is a big world out there passing you by.
> ####

OK matt, you are right.  We are just a bunch of worthless wannabes  and has beens that are not worthy of being in your company.

Since it is a lot easier for you to unsubscribe and go away than for tall of the rest of us to quit the list can you please do the honorable thing and go somewhere else with people worthy of your presence?

I hope you have a great 2013.  I suspect that I could have learned form you but you are to good to teach.  By the time I am your equal and able to talk to you (likely never) there will be no need.

Enjoy your trails.  

In the meantime for those who are willing to have me I do learn from these lists and take those lessons to Scouts and others to kindle the fires for future generations.

Mark "Blankie" Liechty

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