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Fri Dec 28 19:21:03 CST 2012

We seldom post any more because the majority of us are on fb most of the time.  I always read my AT-L, but I post more often on fb.

Wonder whatever happened to Rocks n Roots?  I miss the ole curmudgeon!  Other than my husband constantly picking on me, I haven't had and all out argument with anyone in a long time.  LOL

All in all this has been rather silleh, iffin ya ask me.  None of us define ourselves by anyone else's definition... and I don't think that is going to happen now.  Everyone jumped when someone smacked Felix... but, he's a big boy and I'm sure he thought it rather hilarious.  He knows that we all enjoy his Trail Journal postings...and I hope that one negative bit of feedback will not curtail that.  Too many of us take away so much from those writings.  And, for those that don't enjoy it there's always the "Delete" button.

Glad to see so many folks still on the list.  And, even happier to see how we all come to the aid of one of our beloved ones.  

I hope that everyone has had as wonderful and blessed holiday season as our family has.  The running is over... now just for the overall cleaning of the house before my hubby goes back to work and I lose my baby sitter.  

I pray for a joyous new year for everyone.  We are certainly looking forward to it.  With Micah getting a little older we hope to be able to get out much more this next year for hiking trips.  And, he's walking on his own now so every now and again we'll be able to let him down to walk on his own to give us a lighter load for a bit along the way.  :)  It's been really tough for the last couple of years... being pregnant and having to stay off my feet and then with Micah being so little we haven't gotten out much.  But, we have really enjoyed the little outings we have been able to do.  I'm really looking forward to getting back out there and being in nature with our little Hitch Hiker.

From Bucksnort (Michael), Tenacious Tanasi (Shelly), Hitch Hiker (Micah), Blondie (Mandy), The Knowologist (Hunter), Agent Judy (Jerrica), and Ham Bone (Tori)... we wish many happy trails to all... even the trolls... and many blessings in 2013.  :)
Tenacious Tanasi
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