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I've read almost all of your adventures in the comfort of my easy chair, when I probably should have been out hiking myself, but reading your stories was beneficial.  Now, I am waiting for the Hardcover version so I can share your stories with friends.  

Your writing is inspiring and illuminating.  "Just do it" is an apt phrase, that depicts the difference between my easy chair adventures and your going to exotic places.  

Keep dancing!

Skylander Jack 

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Thanks for the shout out Jim.

I've got nothing related to the AT this year except a visit with some hikers in Florida this spring.  

Right now, I'm in the process of transcribing the rest of my recent five week trip to Bangkok.  I'll be sending a week at a time to my TravelsAndTrails yahoo group.  Once I finish that, I'll reformat and edit both that and my 2012 Florida and Outer Banks entries for my web site.  

Stay tuned...

Stitches, AT99

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Mara (Stiches ‘99) is one I sporadically follow... very good, more of a travel journal. m_factor.  I almost hate to mention it.  ...


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