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This is from the Access North GA website (http://www.accessnorthga.com/) -
it won't affect thruhikers if they just don't camp in the 5 mile section
Jarrard Gap to Neel Gap. --RD

Bear-resistant container rule effective next month 

By Derrick Booth


GAINESVILLE - Overnight campers on a stretch of Appalachian Trail will be
required to carry a bear-resistant container beginning next month. 

U.S. Forest Service officials said the containers can seal in odors from
garbage, toiletries and food. They are also tamper resistant against extreme

The new regulation is in response to what the forest service calls conflicts
between people and black bears in the region. The measure runs until June
and involves a five mile section of trail between Jarrard and Neels Gaps.

"We're taking this measure to protect campers and make our campsites less
alluring to the bears that live here," Blue Ridge District Ranger Andy Baker

The rule is mandatory for all dispersed camping in the Blood Mountain
Wilderness Area within a quarter mile of the trail, as well as camping at
Blood Mountain Shelter and Woods Hole Shelter. 

Forest Service officials said the containers are available at most stores
that sell camping equipment. 

So called "bear-bagging" and hanging food bags between trees are no longer

Link: U.S. Forest Service <http://www.fs.usda.gov/conf>  



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