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This is from Saturday's Washington Post online. The incident was in August
but we (I assume all of us) had been left in the dark about the reason the
FBI thought the death suspicious. It's in the blog called "The Crime Scene".

The second article is the Friday source for the blog, and it has some
additional details of time and place, stuff we've heard here before. --RD


Man found dead on Appalachian trail ruled strangled

By Associated Press

ROANOKE, Va. - An autopsy has concluded that an Indiana man whose body was
found off the Appalachian Trail in Virginia was suffocated.

The body of Scott Lilly of South Bend was found Aug. 12 in Amherst County by
hikers. The News  <http://bit.ly/z0PSZW> & Advance of Lynchburg says the
Roanoke medical examiner released the cause of death on Friday.

Lilly's remains were discovered just off the trail in the Mount Pleasant
National Scenic Area east of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The FBI calls the death suspicious. The agency is investigating because the
body was found on federal lands.

Hikers who had seen Lilly said he was traveling alone and toting a lot of

Appalachian Trail Hiker's death ruled homicide

Lynchburg News & Advance

Chris Dumond 

The death of an Indiana man found near the Appalachian Trail in Amherst
County six months ago has been ruled a homicide.

An autopsy report from the Roanoke Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
indicated Scott Lilly died of "asphyxia by suffocation," Western District
Administrator Tracie Cooper said Friday.

Hikers found Lilly's remains Aug. 12 just off the trail in the Mount
Pleasant National Scenic Area north of U.S. 60, east of the Blue Ridge

The FBI, which is investigating since the body was found on federal lands,
stated in press releases only that the death was considered suspicious.

The state autopsy remained pending as late as December while the pathologist
awaited the results of forensic testing.

Except to generate leads in a September plea for help tracking down hikers
who were in Lilly's vicinity during his hike, the bureau has released little

Regarding public safety, bureau press releases stated no information has
been developed to lead investigators to believe hikers are at risk, but
encourage trail users to exercise "the usual precautions."

Whether that literally means investigators don't know or they have
information Lilly was specifically targeted has gone unanswered under a
Department of Justice policy not to comment about ongoing investigations,
cited by a bureau spokeswoman Friday.

Hikers contacted by investigators told The News & Advance Lilly had been
camping on the trail near The Priest in late July - the last time he was
heard from by his family. Hikers who saw him said he was hiking alone and
carrying a lot of gear.

The 4,000-foot mountain is a day or two north on foot from where the body
was found.

Lilly traveled under the trail name "Stonewall."

Anyone with information may call the FBI 24 hours a day at (804) 261-1044. 



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