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There's bound to be hundreds of these stories...both from the point of view
of the one spied...and the hiker who came upon a bather.  Sounds like a
hiking book to me.  ".White Tail Dear Stories'..


However..I'm concerned about the wide-spread use of streams used to bathe
in...water runs down hill , and someone downstream will want to use the
water.  I'm certain they don't want any soap in it...not good for the tummy,
etc..but I'm not certain about just rinsing off the sweat and cooling off
part.  That's not so bad.  I've done it.  Maybe I shouldn't.    Salt and
dirt are probably already in the water, to some degree.


LNT advises 200 feet from any water source to bury waste, etc.  Bath water
will be absorbed into the soil..the soap,dirt residue become part of the
soil/compost.  We have a long way to go before most hikers really give these
things thoughtful consideration or practice.  We see bad practice evidence
at every shelter site along the AT..along every trail.  It's disgraceful how
we trash "our own nest."  But then, we trash the streets we live on...etc..


We need to do more in the way of education..Earth Day and recycle programs
are just a beginning in schools...we need to change the whole cultural
attitude about preserving the beauty and resources of the earth.  (Sure..I'm
an activist..but we all ought t be.)


Okay..rant over.  ;-)



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