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If a fee is going to be implemented, I wonder if they have considered a
parking fee similar to that used in the White Mountains?

In the Whites, it's possible to buy a yearly parking sticker which enables
you to park in any White Mountains lot or buy a daily parking pass at the
self service station at each trailhead.

This would solve the problem of the toll road.  Those just passing through
would not be charged a fee.  Only those who stop to use the park would pay.

This presents its own set of inequities but alleviates others.  Cars with
five hikers would pay the same as cars with one.  Thruhikers, likely the
only hikers to arrive without a vehicle, would not be charged.  And given
the large number of visitors to the park, the fee could be small enough not
to discourage visitation and yet still generate significant revenue.

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> **
> *... Does this include the highway users that are only traveling from one
> point to another? If so would the highway become a toll road?*
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