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Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 16 15:49:48 CST 2012

All I see is a list of ways and excuses to spend money. And how many of us will step up and say, "No! This is dumb!"

If you paid me $100,000, I would drive around GSMNP and empty trash and pick up litter, and the whole business could be repeated every 3 days. Do it three times and it'd be a once-a-day thing. The whole park covered for $300,000. I'll even throw in vehicle expense, wear-n-tear, and trash bags. (Tell me honestly -- can you NOT see yourself able to do that? I was once a maintenance man at a summer camp -- did EVERYTHING -- cabin areas, main lodge, out buildings, horse camp... And I was pretty much done by lunch. In 2007, I returned (with the boys) and saw the whole place pretty much EXACTLY as I'd left it. WHAT a rewarding visit. TOtal thrill. Except that there was no clay/pottery area. They couldn't afford a kiln. BUT THEY HAD A MAINTENANCE STAFF OF THREE.

The AMC will invite you to "Come to the Friendly Whites!" in their glossy (and well-produced) brochures. Then when you get there, they'll tell you of the "harm" you visit visits upon the mountains. Then they'll "document" for you just "Where your money goes." (They have to. It certainly doesn't go into fresh signage.) Where your money goes will include things like "education/outreach" for brochures like "Come to the Friendly Whites" and "Where Your Money GOes."

Blah blah blah blah=blah blah, blah. And the AMC President is paid 1.6% of annual $$$ -- $250k? Not a bad living. And justified out the wazoo.

This is all nothing more than "Justify My Existence!" meant to inflate and secure duties and dollars. "Quickly, children! Let's all run around and find problems to solve!" Oi.

Last thought: The AT was built by volunteers. Built, designed, re-built, maintained, primped, ignored, rediscovered, etc. etc. And the more permanent becomes the bureaucracy, the more dollars per mile to keep the same thing in place.

Hornswaggle. "When the people learn to vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic." Ben Franklin.


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The attached article brings up some very salient points. 

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