[at-l] Glencliff Post Office

Art Cloutman Art at crystalacresnh.com
Thu Feb 16 17:55:27 CST 2012

I heard on NPR today that the USPS has decided  to close the 
Glencliff Post Office.  The radio report cited the use of the post 
office for AT Hikers.  I wonder if Hikers Welcome Hostel would be 
able to pick up the slack by accepting mail drops?  They could charge 
a small fee!  Build a shed to hold the stuff.  Are there any other 
post office that have been officially designated to close?  I know 
there is a tiny post office in West Hartford VT about the size of 
Glencliff but have no idea if it would be on the closure list.

Life is Good!!!
Art Cloutman

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