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Well said.


--- On Fri, 2/17/12, Doug Mathews <mathews at uga.edu> wrote:
A complex issue and I can see both sides.


      Times do change and who waaaaaay back when could have foreseen the
      change in population, the increased standards of living,
      transportation options providing access, and the interest in the


      There was an agreement that there would be no charge between the
      feds and the involved states and unless the involved states agree
      (which I feel they probably would, because they'd not take much
      heat it mostly be directed as they's feel that heat would be
      directed at the Feds).


      But it is the camel's nose in the tent. Once the little $1 charge
      is instituted, I guarantee that the next time they park service
      feels a pinch, they would raise that $1 to $2 or what ever. 
      History says they states and the feds methodology of funding has
      no limit and neither feels compelled to do what we all do when we
      run out of money and that is live within our means as best we can.
      We certainly do not have the option of telling our bosses that
      they will start paying us more because we "need" it.


      I opt for them finding another way to take care of their (and our)
      problem without going down the road of ever increasing "fees" that
      slip in everywhere these days.  An agreement is an agreement or
      aren't folk's words worth anything anymore?


      More than you wanted to hear I know..




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