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Tom Schamp tschamp at verizon.net
Fri Feb 17 20:55:51 CST 2012

Umm, no, they're wrong.

Email is fer ppl with SmartPhones.

Texting is fer ppl with non-Internet capable phones.


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"I blame the decline of the list on FB."

It's the decline of email. My teens say 'email is texting for old people.'


On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 9:13 AM, Leslie Booher <lbooher at charter.net> wrote:

Are the newbies mostly over at WhiteBlaze?


I blame the decline of the list on FB.  I really miss the list.  Maybe the
newbies are over there, too.  a'bear


Humankind (be both)


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