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This is only an anecdotal observation.

Last summer, I took 3 two-week hikes in Virginia.  Most of the hikers I encountered were section hikers like myself and were on vacation from full time jobs.  Of all the thru-hikers I met, two were a couple who quit their jobs to hike the trail, one took a six month leave of absence, but the rest were either retired or unemployed.  Given that last year had a record number of thru-hike starts and a high unemployment rate, would it be a stretch to conclude that the two are connected.

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http://www.laconiadailysun.com/node/128160/18664   Number of hikers on the AT considered a possible leading economic indicator….. Also:  sales of men’s underwear                Sales of cemetery plots                Rise/fall of hemlines                Number of divorces                Number of cement trucks on the road                And, of course, the real estate market  Interesting article. Rosie/mdhiker
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