[at-l] Is this for real?

Tom Schamp tschamp at verizon.net
Mon Feb 20 13:48:27 CST 2012

I was thinking of a SOLAR charger for my smartphone/cam while I’m hiking.

What is a “pukk”?


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Here is the US distributor site:  http://www.industrialrev.com/powertrekk.html

8.6 oz
$230.00 USD


With its unique fuel-cell technology, PowerTrekk converts hydrogen gas into electricity and can therefore deliver instant, reliable energy. PowerTrekk uses pure fuel-cell technology to convert hydrogen gas into electricity. Hydrogen is released by the PowerTrekk Pukk and produces electricity as it passes through the fuel cells. The residual product is just a little water vapor. Unlike solar-powered chargers, these fuel cells generate energy instantly. The amount of energy is reliable and is not affected by weather conditions. Moreover, the energy does not fade like it does in batteries. When you don’t need very much energy, you only need to take the green lid section. It has an internal battery that you can charge before you travel, either using the fuel-cell system or via USB. This makes PowerTrekk an excellent travel charger.

The PowerTrekk Fuel Cell produces 2.5 watts at 5 volts, and runs for over two hours.  With the 5 volts available, PowerTrekk will charge all mobile phones, gps, and cameras, but will only trickle charge higher wattage devices such as iPad or Kindle Fire.

PowerTrekk includes I-Go connector tips for USB, mini, micro, and Apple devices.

PowerTrekk and Pukks are both IEC approved for carry-on luggage on airplanes.



*	Instant power, anywhere, anytime
*	Just add Pukk and water to activate charging
*	Rechargable Fuel Cell holds 5.6 Watt Hours
*	Pukks charge 5+ Watt Hours each
*	Battery Weighs 6.1 oz. (173g)
*	Total Weight 8.6 oz. (244g)

Will be available at REI in May 2012



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If it says how much it weighs, I don't see it.  Can you tell?  a'bear


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