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This winter is a warm one so the Merrimack hasn't frozen over in NH. When it
does the eagles move downriver to Mass to fish, sometimes they are confined
to just the portion where the river meets the ocean at Newburyport. So until
last Sunday I had not much hope of seeing eagles. But there they were in
Lowell, a pair flying together following the river upstream, nice.

The same day I also saw what I now consider to be our first Spring birds -
the Turkey Vultures. There were dozens of sightings here last weekend. Next
in line will be the Red-winged Blackbirds. So contrary to the "Robins of
Spring" notion (we have Robins all winter) the bird watching here is perhaps
more Gary Larson comical - "The Vultures are Here! Yay!


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If ya ain't, y'all should be watchin' the eagles.....or, at least checkin'
them once in a while. It's pretty amazing...


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