[at-l] Wind Chill

Gary Buffington gbuff at cox.net
Sun Feb 26 02:48:53 CST 2012

This whole business is trying to compare objective data with subjective
sensation, a waste of time similar to quantifying love.

The formula in US customary units:


    where T{wc} is the wind chill index, based on the Fahrenheit scale Ta is
the air temperature, measured in °F, and V is the wind speed, in mph.

http://www.nws.noaa.gov/os/windchill/images/windchill.gif  Chart of wind
chill for those who are mathematically challenged.  

Wind Chill is mostly bogus science, but the weather reporters love it.  

Bear Bag and Sweet Pea are still alive because we use the following formulae
for cold avoidance.  

Cold = FYAO
IFYAO then DGO, and
IFYAO and WB, then DESTDO.

FYAO = Freezing your ass off 
IFYAO = If freezing your ass off
DGO = Don't go out
WB = Wind Blowing
And, DESTDO = Don't even send the dog out. 

Note that this system works perfectly and requires no measurement of
temperature or wind speed.    

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