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Mike Cunningham hikermiker at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 4 09:06:26 CDT 2012

Many years ago I was poking around on the internet and found
an organization of long distance hikers. They seemed to get it. They knew what
really was important in life. It was not a big house & big car and getting
every last penny you could. It was about helping other people toward their
goals and getting together with like minded people. They had one annual meeting
a year.  I joined for a couple of years.
I was not able to make the annual meetings, but I decided to that I wanted to
be a member of this group for the rest of my life. I  became a life member. 
There was a vacancy for the newsletter editor.  I volunteered and have  done that job for a number of years. .  I never advanced very far in the corporate
world because sooner or later I would tell some corporate fool to “take a hike”
I managed to stay at one place long enough so  I eventually got a third week of vacation and
so was able to attend the annual meeting, I had a great time
I retired from working for a living & now have more time
to do what I like. I am involved in two trail projects and the local land
trust. To continue editing the newsleter I would need a new computer and so I
purchased one with  the software  but not Adobe Acrobat, which I did not realize
I would need.  I repeatedly asked for
that from the club but was rebuffed. I spent much of a month putting together
the summer issue but could not convert it to pdf format. Admittedly I made a
couple of proofreading errors. This laptop is somewhat different from the pc I
used at work. There is a learning curve.  I was asked to fix the errors and I did. I was also asked to change
something submitted by a past coordinator. A call to a peaceful protest about
charging fees for camping at GSMNP.
I had the newsletter almost ready to go. There were only a
couple of additions and changes to make when I was ordered to turn it over. I
The ALDHA newsletter you received has only a vague
similarity to what I spent a month working on.  Today is Independence Day. I am declaring my independence. Effective
today I will no longer be the Newsletter editor.  And to all you corporate fools who want to
make ALDHA into another ATC: take a hike. It will do you good.
Oh, the three things.
# 1 Not only is the newsletter only vaguely similar to what
you put together but someone else is listed to send articles to.
# 2 You cannot sign into your email.
#3 You cannot post to the list.
Of course this following the current corporate model, no one
actually tells you.
Hikermiker, the EX Aldha Newsletter Editor
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