[at-l] Dirigible Re: Derecho

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 09:57:05 CDT 2012

--- On Thu, 7/5/12, Leslie Booher <lbooher at charter.net> wrote:
Derecho is a particular type of bad 
storm that came through one day last wk-end and did huge damage to the east 
coast.  I know because USA Today diagrammed it for me.  
<G>  Hugs--- a'bear

### Thank youuuuu, a'bearrrrrrr.
Obviously, you and Chainsaw are informed. Me? Not so much. Anyone want to hear about Chinese monetary policy? Will France survive tax-imposition agenda to better, or worsen, the euro and the European economy? Does a tadpole have a watertight bum?   (Awww. Forget that last one...)

Anywho. Tooooo hot.
I like the FrankenLooper idea of stealthing my way south from some big state park we all know and love. Sounds much cooler than my 85° house. (I have not been home to flush the heat out at night, lately. So you payyyyyyy, brothah. Ugh. Tempted to hit the A/C.)

No, then, I don't know how the AT fared at the hands of the dirigible. The derecho. Whatever. We had a tornado out here. Mid-March. Bad. That might've been the last rain we've had. (It wasn't, but it sounds about right.)

Hope y'all are staying cool.
I've got to go reload my neck kerchief with ice.
When I'm dripping sweat from my pits instead of water from my neck, I know it's time.
(TMI, I know....)


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