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Thanks eArThworm for reminding me I also recently read both the Barefoot Sisters books and loved them. read them both straight through. Thought they were very well done and made the trail come alive. The insights into their thoughts, poems, and sometimes conflicts were great.


On Mar 10, 2012, at 5:09 PM, lpatton wrote:

>> Every couple of years I ask this group what  you are reading . . .
>> Arthur D. Gaudet
>> Rockdancer97 at comcast.net
> My reading time is limited, and a lot of my reading is only
> pertinent to some interest/problem of the moment...like
> dealing with health problems, for example.  The remainder
> of my reading is mostly books about trails.  I don't keep
> track of what I read, and when, so I'm just guessing that
> I've read these in the past year:
> The Road to Damascus…and Beyond: A Reawakening
> of the Spirit by Thruhiking the Appalachian Trail (2009)
> by George Sandul
> Well-written; one of the best of the A.T. thruhike books,
> in my opinion.
> At the Speed of Foot (2011) by Mark Fleming
> Realistically describes the challenges of an A.T. thruhike done
> in 2002.
> Appalachian Trials (2012) by Zach Davis
> No, "Trials" is not a misspelling.  This book is about conquering
> the mental challenges of the Trail --a 'psychological and
> emotional guide to successfully hiking the Appalachian Trail'--with
> some humor thrown in.  Fills a gap in the literature.
> Skywalker: Highs and Lows on the Pacific Crest
> Trail (2010) by Bill Walker
> Enjoyed this every bit as much as his A.T. book--which is to
> say, a lot.
> Florida Any Way You Can (2011) by Steven Sheridan
> The story of the very first thruhike of the Florida Trail.
> The Laughalachian Trail (2010) by Tom Waite
> Yes, it is full of laughs.  Enjoyable reading.
> Am in the middle of reading:
> Bringing Nature Home:  How You Can Sustain
> Wildlife with Native Plants (2009, rev.ed.) by
> Douglas W. Tallamy
> This was a gift from a friend, and a fine gift it was.
> If you're interested in having a yard that can sustain
> native wildlife (insects & on up), this is the book for you.
> Edward Abbey.  Matter Journal 13.  (2010)
> by Wolverine Farm Publishing
> Fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photographs inspired
> by Ed Abbey--along with seven interviews with friends
> and colleagues, and a novella.  Two nice photos of
> him on the front and back covers. A great book for
> all Abbey fans, available for $17 at
> http://wolverinefarmpublishing.org/publications/matter-journal.html
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