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OH, I forgot to mention 


Chase Davidson met us (Muldoon & Torch from ’11) at the Rt. 2 crossing of
the AT (Gorham, NH) on Friday morning. He’s heading South this trip, in
great shape. He’s done Maine in 18 days! He’s heading to Lee, MA, then wants
to jump to Atkins, VA. Earlier this year he hiked Lee, MA à Atkins, so he
wants to continue SoBo from there to Springer.


There’s a chance I’ll have him walk into my trail magic later this week. If
he keeps on this pace he may reach Kinsman Notch while I’m there. I’ll be
helping hikers Mon to Wed this week at Rt. 112. --RD


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Well, my first session of meeting hikers at the AT went well on Friday and
Saturday. The weather was stunningly nice and the hikers have had great
weather to be above tree line since Thursday.


Friday: only Chef & Avocado came by, they are SoBO, expected to get past
Ethan Pond Shelter to stealth camp near Shoal Pond.

Saturday: Biscuits was the first to come in, around 10 AM. 

Then Squeeze, Rocky & Bullwinkle. The 3, from Charlotte, NC, are hiking in
memory of their friend Charlie Butterworth, see http://charliesvision.com.
All are nobo.

Oracle & Spiderman are SoBo.

Relic Hunter and his son Loud Owl are NoBo.

Balls & Sunshine – father and daughter doing their second long trail. He’s
being supported, a bit, by backpackinglight.com. They hope to do the CDT
next year to finish the Triple Crown.


All were in good shape, surprisingly happy and relaxed. Sometimes the early
hikers are stressing about mileage, not these folks. --RockDancer


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