[at-l] hikers at Kinsman Notch

RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 12 07:29:39 CDT 2012

Only 6 hikers were through the notch from Monday noon to Wednesday noon.
Phat Chap (from the Glencliff hostel) swung by with Chef & Avocado, 2 SoBo
hikers I had met in Crawford Notch a week ago. They love the Whites and the
weather's been beautiful. They are also glad to see the last of the Whites
with Mt. Mooselauke.


NaK (long A sound) - 60 yo NoBo from Alaska

Uno - young guy from Alabama, NoBo

Debo - SoBo guy

Mouse, KDoe and The Dutchman - happy group, mixed ages, going North. They
spent the night at N. Woodstock's Carriage House. I think it ran them $80
for the room.


Muldoon from 2011 joined me from Tues-Wed but he missed the few hikers than
came through. But he got a nice taste of being on the trail because he was
hiking in the Mahoosucs for the weekend.


Both NaK and Uno are trying to finish by Aug 5-12. The young guy has a
chance but it's going to be difficult. I hope they stay flexible on their





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