[at-l] hikers at Crawford Notch

RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 18 20:34:36 CDT 2012

>From Last Saturday to Tuesday afternoon I met the following hikers:
Doctor Dave
Stuck In Drive & Switchback
Blue Fox
Lonestar & 2 more
Inch Worm
Moon Man
Mrs. Joy
Solo, Stripper & Laser Legs
Stray Dog (at Franconia Notch)
Matt, Austin, Kenzie, & Erin
Slow Ride & Q
War Wagon, Drifter, Quickstep & George
Chitty-Chitty, Bang-Bang, Little Foot & Shadow
33 hikers in all, I fed a total of 19 hikers on Sunday, perhaps an early
season record for me. Some of these hikers should be congratulated for their
relaxed attitude & geniality; unusual qualities in the early hikers reaching
Crawford Notch. The weather stayed clear & warm until Tuesday (except for a
shower on Sunday night). Then some serious warnings of hard rain, high winds
& possible hail sent some hikers to ask for rides to motels early in the
afternoon. Later I found that the Presidential Ridge experienced winds near
70 mph in gusts late in the afternoon. As far as I know the hikers heading
to Lakes were all safe-n-sound with a couple of hours to spare before the
storms struck. 
I've made some progress on establishing a new stealth site near the AT with
help from 5 of these hikers. The site I've used for 12 years was wiped away
by an avalanche on Avalanche Brook during Hurricane Irene last August.
Thanks to them I've got a new fire ring and 4 tent sites well away from the
trail & the brook. --RockDancer
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