[at-l] Calfs

Gary Ticknor garyticknor at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 23 10:10:54 CDT 2012

I have gout, also mostly under control. The edema doesn't sound like gout. Yep, time for an office visit :(
- Greenbriar

>    Well, the gout is not new and is more or less under control.  The calf 
> thing is new, or at least I've never noticed it before.  From what I read on 
> WebMD, its a concern if its associated with pain, which this isn't.  So my 
> first guess is that its an inflammation associated with the gout.
>     But having said that, I am going to see a doctor tomorrow just to be on 
> the safe side.
>     I was just curious if anyone else on this augoost list has had any 
> similar experience.  :)

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