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Shoe-Goo -- I'd vote -- hands down. Shoe-goo is flexible, *and* will actually wear away like your original sole material should you use it as a filler instead of a glue.

Gorilla Glue will expand when drying (likely deforming your shoe, possibly to a uncomfortable amount) *and* will dry rigid (so if the "fix" is flexed, the Gorilla Glue will crack.

So, fer me-own bad self, I'd go with Shoe-Goo for shoes (filler or glue), and Gorilla Glue for Lay-Key tips, rocking chairs, Grandma's clock, automobile accessories, etc....

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So would you recommend GG over Shoe Goo for re-adhering the tread of my sandals back to the next layer?  Had a blowout.

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The problem with Gorilla Glue is it won't come off once it's on.

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If ya have to glue em , You have the wrong tips.... They are hard to get on, but the right ones will stay on ( once ya ram em on).

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> It seems that Gorilla Glue is the way to go for gluing tips 
> back on Lekis. (so far, so good)
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