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I don't know aobut you, but I think I look youngest in the dark.  Maybe you shoulda turned off the radio.


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On 6/15/2012 11:03 AM, Tom McGinnis wrote:
 ### Then there's no problem, as the best witness's memory has fadeddddddd *so* 
adly. So badly. {head shaking in sad disbelief...}

 believe that you were the one that told me the young lass 
as interested in the Feelmeister to begin with.  I think 
he thing I'll remember the longest from that night is the 
ere-to-fore-to-be-called "Subway Girl" trying to guess my 
ge. She said, with the lights from the radio reflecting in 
er eyes "You're not 26, are you?" as though 26 was old. 
Not for a long, long time" I said  :)


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 I thought the incident was about the Subway girl at Concord College.  It 
appened during an ALDHA meeting.

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