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To those who were there.  There's a SLIGHT chance I could be there this year if Felix would like to repeat the incident for the enjoyment of all.  

Still trying to figure out how I can bow out of work that Friday and Monday.  Will you two be there?


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I well remember. I don't often snort through my nose, but I did on hearing her 
elivery -- a delightful mix of hope and skepticism. And your response, and the 
hole scene.... precious, it was.
--- On Fri, 6/15/12, Felix J <AThiker at bluemarble.net> wrote:
> On 6/15/2012 11:03 AM, Tom McGinnis wrote:
 > ### Then there's no problem, as the best witness's
 memory has fadeddddddd *so* badly. So badly. {head shaking
 in sad disbelief...}
 I believe that you were the one that told me the young lass
 was interested in the Feelmeister to begin with.  I
 think the thing I'll remember the longest from that night is
 the here-to-fore-to-be-called "Subway Girl" trying to guess
 my age. She said, with the lights from the radio reflecting
 in her eyes "You're not 26, are you?" as though 26 was old.
 "Not for a long, long time" I said  :)
 > Heh!
 > --- On Fri, 6/15/12, bluetrail at aol.com
 <bluetrail at aol.com>
 > I thought the incident was about the Subway girl at
 Concord College.  It happened during an ALDHA meeting.
 > Joan

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