[at-l] GSNP Backcountry reservation and fee system

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Hey Warren
It won't be long and you can buy your Golden Age  Passport and camp in 
National Parks for half price.
Old RidgeRunner
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Backpackers creating a national stir.  Pshaw.

I love hiking, backpacking in particular.  My completion of the  trail will 
remain a part of me for as long as I live, and I intend to hike as  long as 
I live.

That being said, backpacking is a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny portion of the  
fabric of our nation.  A band of hikers bravely demonstrating against a  
horrible, horrible $4 fee comes up a bit short when compared to a people  
literally hiking for their lives.  It's an embarrassing comparison.  Those who are 
immersed in their tiny corners of civilization lack  perspective to consider 
there are more important matters than free access to  National Parks.  That 
ship sailed long ago.  That it is now on your  doorstep and you screech 
righteous indignation only shows your ignorance of  past events.

Suck it up and pay, Warren, or let this be further evidence that you be a  
penny pinching scofflaw.  Otherwise, selling "Occupy SNMP" T-shirts might  
be just the thing to get those coffers a-chinging.

Take Care,


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Ridiculous. First the government reduces/threatens our  individual freedoms 
and then it seeks to reduce our mountain FREEdom. Where  was the ATC and 
ALDHA on this? How about the NPS AT Park office? All I can say  is: catch me 
if you can.  

If anyone would like to be in a high-profile, principled, non-violent,  
group action concerning this, I'm willing to organize something like this  
around 2013 National Trails Day. If a band of Cherokees could hike out from  
forced removal by government troops, surely 200-300 unregistered, unpaid  
backpackers organized to occupy the park for a few days could create a  national 
stir on this all-important mountainFREEdom issue.

For the FREEdom of the hills,

Warren Doyle
_www.warrendoyle.com_ (http://www.warrendoyle.com/) 
Founder/Co-Director -  Appalachian Folk  School
423-341-1843  (cell)


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