[at-l] GSNP Backcountry reservation and fee system

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It’s legal to carry on most of the AT.  Lots of them legally carried there already. 

So what do you want to talk about?  Weight?  Logistical issues?  Calibers? ??


FWIIW, the logistical issues are mind boggling for a long-distant hiker and I was too much of a ounce / gram counter to carry on a long-distance trek.

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oooo  ....  politics!  lets just talk guns on the trail.  LoL. 

In general, the federal government wastes about half it's budget.  Just think what could be done about the debt, gas prices, and better parks.  

Quoting rcli4 at comcast.net:

  I wonder how many years we could have avoided this if we took thehalf a BILLION Owebama gave to Solyndra for the campaign donations he got and sent it to the Smokies?  


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