[at-l] Iron Masters Hostel - Pine Grove Furnace State Park ..and other nearby items

Rosalind Suit rosiesuit at live.com
Sat Mar 10 16:07:30 CST 2012

Hi Amy, 


I was just there last weekend for a mid-Atlantic meeting of maintaining
trail clubs...the hostel is very beautifully restored, refurbished, clean as
a whistle...and was FULL of hikers..though they were there to meet and
update on trail maintaining activities and plans.  But they did manage to
squeeze in two hikes.  The PA DCNR has done a good job, and the hostel will
be a great place for hikers of all ilk to stay.  NEW KITCHEN..CLEAN, BRIGHT,
totally refurbished with very modern stove, frig, freezer..stainless
steel..but no dish-washer !!  


The outside chess game is gone, as that side of the mansion is now the
primary entrance.  One enters where the stairs go up..dorms with
double-decker bunks..must use the hostel linens..NO SLEEPING BAGS ON THE
BUNKS.  But every room has been given a first-class uplift, and the hostel
is now suited for a greater variety of events.  The park is growing in
popularity, and a great many folks come through there, with many visiting
the new AT Museum, which will be getting a Spring Cleaning next Saturday,
and will open on March 31 on weekends-noon to 3 (or thereabouts).  About
Memoial Day it will be open daily---mid-day hours. 


And..by the way..WD's recent tirade about "Where was ATC and where was
ALDHA?" relative to the decisions down at GSNP is so totally out-of-it..all
that from the guy who is accommodated by ATC to make presentations at the
biennial conferences..I bet he isn't even a member.  Kinda like a guy full
of political opinions...but who isn't registered to vote.  Blowing smoke !!


Okay...I feel better now.  J



Trail Maintainer 

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