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Michael Henderson MichaelH at ospreypacks.com
Tue Mar 13 10:56:47 CDT 2012

20 years ago today, March 13, 1992, I left Amicalola Falls with, get this, a *70-lb pack*, on my way to Katahdin.  It was the start of a great 5 months, made greater as I learned to reduce the pack to half the starting weight.  My brother hiked the first 5 days with me, to Dicks Creek Gap.  I can't remember rightly if we stayed the first night on the approach trail, but I think we did not, hiking the 13 miles to Stover Creek shelter, where a spotted skunk crawled all over us that night.

Ke Kaahawe
AT'92, TYT'94, LT'01
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