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Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 15 08:51:37 CDT 2012

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Yours from 7200' at Estes Park, Colorado, until the end of March . . .
Sawnie (Kinnickinic)

### I fell in love with Estes Park, staying at 207 Cleave St for a few days in 2007... $20 for the boys and I. A typical AT hostel room with bunks, second floor, hugely wonderful view from the balcony -- it was like The Place tucked in against Rocky Mtn Nat. Park instead of Mt. Rogers. Very nice woman -- an artist -- owned it. Wish I had some of her art now.....

(Which reminds me of Monson, and the gal that ran the hostel right at the T across from the general store -- she was a masseuse, artist, antiques dealer, and hostelier (if a hotelier can be a hotelier, than a ... nevermind).... We stayed there and prepped for our jaunt to Katahdin in 2004, and returned for a visit in 2005 only to find she had "closed shop"... She took us in anyway! (So I brought some cool stuff home from her antiques -- all reasonably priced, to boot!)

There are some rockin' people in the world. (And they tend to be nice to children. Hmmmm.)


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