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First, thanks for the birthday messages a few weeks back. I try to go out of my way to avoid the birthday attention, but I guess one can't control these things. And happy birthday to 'Shoe.

The 1990 Philosopher's guide was my first exposure to countless elements of AT world that we are so routinely aware of now. I read it cover to cover over and over again in the fall of that year, and then carried it the whole way up the trail in '91 - without breaking it up into pieces. It was the first time I'd heard of ALDHA and Warren and Wingfoot and trail magic and yoyo-ing and yogi-ing, etc etc. The list goes on.  It made a significant difference in the pre-thru-hike level of excitement and anticipation. Rockdancer's post brings back lots of memories of a time on the trail when all those 1988-90 happenings were still very fresh in the trail community's consciousness.

Thanks for posting that.

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