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Here are a few items I thought would interest some of you, excerpts from the 1990 Philosopher’s Guide. –RD


Darrell Maret lived in Atlanta, GA at the time and gave his personal phone number.

Morgan Sommerville is the ATC regional rep for Springer to Damascus. (He is still the regional director for the Southern Region, next year will be his 30th year.)


I-25. A few miles north of Dicks Creek, An AT hiker was raped a few years ago by a man who followed her in from the road. She went on to finish the AT and still believes the AT is safer that most city streets.


I- 33. Big Spring Shelter: yes, good spring. Resident skunk has learned to equate warmth with bag-o-hiker. Cuddles and snuggles up to hikers to keep warm. Telling the skunk you have a headache reportedly does not dissuade it.


I- 40. US 19 (NOC) : a busy, dangerous road. Be careful. An 88 hiker reportedly slipped under a truck and had her leg crushed.


I- 44. Stecoah Gap/Robbinsville – Hardee’s, in the past was reportedly partial to Southerners but was friendly to at least one Yankee in 1988.


I- 62. Davenport Gap: (mentions the Leatherwood Country Store, has a grill, but no mention of Mountain Mama’s, 2 miles east.)


I- 68. Hot Springs: (mentions Elmer’s as a great stop, and that “Elmer did most of the AT in ’75 and ’76.)

Evidently the hot springs weren’t operating in ’90 but the guide gives this info: “Way across the field opposite the laundry, next to the river, there is an old wooden building that is boarded up and has no-trespassing signs posted on it. In this building are the marvelous spring-fed warm baths. James Gentry said that in the heyday of the hot springs, 7 passenger trains a day used to come in with tourists from Atlanta. Locals still keep one stall tidy for their use. Trespasser should beware of broken glass and collapsing rood, should also use discretion since some 89 hikers were almost arrested here.”


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