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 It is interesting to me because after my failed attempt to thru hike in 1997, I hiked around Ireland and ended up moving there for 3 yrs.  I came back to the US and in 2008 sold my house and belongings in Asheville NC, bought a 5th wheel RV and lived in it and traveled around for a couple of years.  I'm now living part of the year in CA, and drive across the country once a year to visit family in the east.  I can't get the gypsy blood out of my system, and have Springer fever so bad right now I can taste it.  I'd like to think of trying an AT adventure next year, but I would have to buy all new and lightweight gear, which is pretty costly when you do it all at once. 



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13 years ago today, I started the AT from Amicalola.  Six and a half months later, I finished my thruhike on Katahdin in terribly cold and foggy conditions.  No complaints though.  The mountain closed for ten days just afterwards.  

I soon went back to work and life seemed like it hadn't changed that much.  But three years later, when I got laid off, I took my new found attitude towards life (it will always work out), and applied it to travel and other hiking forays.  I was a traveler before I was a hiker so maybe this would have happened anyway but I suspect the thruhiker attitude got me out there for longer periods sooner than I would have otherwise.

I just heard from one of the people I met at Springer Mountain Shelter after my first day on the trail.  So it seems I'm not the only one of my class with Springer Fever.  

Plus, an email from him to a group of us '99ers yielded at least a couple of others who have also gotten the travel bug and have taken to leaving it all behind and traveling for extended periods.  

I don't know if any of this means anything but it seemed interesting to share.

Stitches, AT99

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