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90 PG and Rockdancer write:

II-40. The AT heading up the ridge out of Laurel Fork Gorge ascends Pond
Mountain. If you like pointless climbs, you’re going to love this one. TEHC
has begun construction of a relocation “to provide a shorter route across
the infamous Pond Mountain.” (I wonder if this construction ever occurred?

We finished that relo in the summer of '93 with a ribbon cutting ceremony at Watauga Lake. 
It had been worked on for 4 or 5 years. Going southbound from the lake, the entire climb
to the top is that relo. I hear that the first part up from the lake might be changed
again soon.  The steeper Laurel Fork side of Pond Mtn (the climb for northbounders) is a
current project by Bob and company.

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