[at-l] 90 PG, excerpts for Hot Springs to Damascus

Michael Henderson MichaelH at ospreypacks.com
Mon Mar 19 12:57:36 CDT 2012

Rock dancer wrote:

II-45. Damascus, VA: Shorty, the cobbler, does good work on short notice and reasonable prices. Mr. Grindstaff, former postmaster, still involved with the hostel. Library lets each Thru-Hiker take one paperback book with them for the trail. Dink Shackleford is the town manager, easy to spot, he rides a Harley with his wheelchair in the side-car.

Gotta be a relation to Nick Grindstaff - whose memorial is just off the trail somewhere around Iron Mountain shelter, right?  Anyone know the story here?

Ke Kaahawe
AT'92, TYT'94, LT'01

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