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IV James River to Harpers Ferry


IV-6b. 1.2 m right (easy hitch at rush hour) to Tyro with Bradley's Store.
PO in grocery is open 9-2 Mon-Sat and sometimes even later, depends on
whether Mr. Bradley wasn't to go fishing! The Bradleys live next door to
store, and are two of the nicest folks on the AT, but their store is a bit
disorganized, so ask them to double-check for your package if it isn't found
on the first search. Also in Tyro is apple packing plant, which sells apples
at wholesale prices in any quantity you want.


IV-7. Three Ridges is a great example of how well switchbacks work if they
are made properly. In Feb 84, a place crashed on mountain, pilot killed,
Tidewater AT Club dragged out the wreckage.


IV-9b. Rusty's Hard Times Hollow. Situation as described by Rusty: Good
spring. Cold shower. Leave pack in cabin away from wild animals. Equipped to
sleep 20 hikers. Sleep on bunks with mattresses on porch and in adjoining
bunkhouse. Rusty will be able to five rides as often as necessary to town.
DO NOT write about Rusty's in shelters directly adjacent to Hard Times
Hollow due to problems with locals. No charge. Some food available. Has had
over 160 hikers stay in 89, more than 600 since he started in 1983m people
from 47 states and nine countries.


IV-11 a. Firehouse: 1.5 m into town, showers, sleep out back or inside if it
rains, two-night limit. Mr. Worcester of 89 wrote: "Because of the number of
hikers this year, the firefighters felt a little overwhelmed. No real
problems except for sheer numbers. One night they had 18 hikers spend the
night. Give 'Em a break and, if there are more than 10 or so hikers spending
the night, try to buddy up with some other hikers and share a motel room.


IV-12d. Shenandoah National Park: Central part of park now covered with the
cursed gypsy-moth caterpillars. This incredible manmade devastation
continues its march southward. You might get strafed by insecticide-laden
planes. Info regarding the timing and duration of spraying reportedly
somewhat misleading.

As Mr. Worcester of 89 commented, SNP is definitely the place for "some
serious Yogiing" If you can't land a handout here, you might as well pack it
in! A fellow 80 hiker used this ploy on picnickers: "Hi, I'm hiking on the
AT from Georgia to Maine and have run a little short on food. Could I buy a
few slices of bread from you?" - worked like a charm, in no time they'd be
him everything but the keys to their car! 


IV-14. Pinefield Hut has prevalent no-see-ums. In 88, AT Bozo (ME-GA 75) and
PATC hutkeeper Larry L. "Managed to treat a number of hikers by packing in
2.5 and 5 gallon buckets of ice cream, peanut M&Ms, chocolate syrup,
hamburgers, hotdogs, soft drinks, etc." Alas AT Bozo must have moved on
since no reports of him in 89.


IV-23. Tom Floyd Wayside: Story goes that, when SNP closed all the shelter s
to hikers in the 70s, Tom, (longtime PATC maintainer) bought this piece of
property just outside the park and built the shelter. Moral: Sometimes you
cannot surmount a bureaucracy, but you can always outflank it!


IV-30. Dick's Dome via .2 m blue-blaze, small geodesic shelter with toom for
4, shingles falling off in 89 but no leaks reported. No place for a tent in
shelter area.


IV-33. If you are thinking to yourself "Damn, this section from Ashby Gap to
Snickers Gap is much tougher than I expected," you are right. The AT lost a
property battle and got pushed down off the mountain crest, which is
actually a not-so-secret underground complex for the important government
people in Washington to fly to in event of nuclear war. The Trail,
consequently, is forced to roller-coaster over the many lateral ridges of
this range. Steel yourself, and be thankful the AT loses very few such
property battles. The AT used to be a road-walk from Ashby Gap to Snickers
Gap using VA 601.


IV-38. Keys Gap Shelter was in bad shape in 89, badly burned by fire. The
well-worn path behind shelter leads 100 yds to grocery with ice cream.
Considering proximity to road, shelter in good shape. There has been talk
about razing this shelter for years. Should be used only as a port in a


IV-40. AYH Harpers Ferry at Sandy Hook: $8 inside if member, $4 outside.
Houseparent was new in 89 , had something of an attitude problem toward
hikers. Remember chores are mandatory at AYH hostels.


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