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Section V Harpers Ferry to Delaware Water Gap


V-2. The Weverton Shelter on the C&O Canal has been removed. There is a
campsite where the shelter used to be. Bring water and bug repellent.


V-8b. Greenbrier SP: Across from the park entrance is the Greenbrier Inn;
Blue Ridge Ranger of 89 says, regarding the crab cakes and crab soup, “Get
folks to try the local cuisine. Pizza and beer ain’t the half of it.”
Reportedly attracts tough-looking bikers with lots of leather and tattoos,
but worth the stop. (Less than ½ mile from the trail at the Monkey Cage, the
bar is still there. In 1997 it was also gay-friendly. –rockdancer)


V-12. At MD 77, the South Mountain Rod & Gun Club, directly to right, has
soda machine, sometimes provides water. Sweet Magnolia ‘n’ Bud advises,
“Stay away from the Rod & Gun Club unless you are a rowdy, obnoxious
redneck!” (MD 77 is the Foxville Road. I think the AT now passes to the east
of the Rod & Gun club. –rd)


V-19. Mackie Run Shelter is trashed, half knocked over, back wall missing,
has large rats and the stream is polluted. Probably will be demolished by
summer of 90.


V-21. Two new, nameless 6-people shelters about 1.7 m north of Mackie Run
Shelter at Deer Lick Run. Spring on AT just before shelters.


V-22. Antietam Shelter in good shape, but water was contaminated with
giardia in 89, as was the water from the springhouse tap at nearby Old Forge
Park. Fountains shut off, signs posted.


V-23. Tumbling Run Shelter: filthy, floorboards falling apart, mice, bats.


V-26. Old Toms Run Shelters were trashed in 89, but 2 new shelters were
built to replace them at the same site.


V- 27b. Pine Grove, the store: Plato of 89, who reportedly hates ice cream,
wolfed his half-gallon in the amazing time of 6 min, 42 sec to capture the
new record. He used a knife to cut the ice cream into smaller squares, but
the cutting was part of the time. Report any betters. Not fair letting the
ice cream melt, the drinking it. Welcome to draw cartoon for store wall,
depicting your achievement. The Traveler, going for quantity in 89, ate 3
half-gallons in less than four hours, but got sick afterwards. 


V-27c. Ironmaster’s Mansion: Joan & Bob Beard are the friendly managers of
this hostel, plan to exchange places with a couple from New Zealand during
summer of 90.


V-29. Moyers Campground: (Sheet Iron Road, just after PA 94, now walled Deer
Run Campgrounds.—rd) $9 get campsite with heated-pool privileges, call for
pizza delivery, open year-round but no movies in late fall. Note: Be careful
of your gear. There were many contradictory comments from 89 hikers. The
Philosopher suggests you watch the registers for comments from hikers in
1990 about Moyers Campground.


V-30. Campbell Spring Shelter is actually a cabin with blue-blaze 100 yds to
spring. Due to locals abusing the place, a caretaker was in place in 89.
This shelter will be bypassed by the relo around the Cumberland Valley
roadwalk, but the Mountain Club of Maryland plans to have the new Alex
Kennedy Shelter open just off Center Point Knob. 


V- 31. Linda Colflesh and her husband Dr. Bradford Wood are friends to
hikers. Their house is located right across Kuhn Road at beginning of
roadwalk, after the descent from White Rocks. Will fill water bottles for


V-32. The dreaded, yet fondly remembered Cumberland Valley Roadwalk is no
more. A new ridge route will finally be established in 90. Regarding the
demise of the roadwalk, Ranger Randy of 89 wrote: “I’ll be sorry to see this
fun part of the trail experience disappear.” True, but it’s a necessary
measure to protect the Trail, not just for our generation.


V-33. On the old roadwalk, the Mussers have moved and their children who now
run the farm are not interested in accommodating hikers. Don’t bother


V-34. On the old roadwalk, just north of Trindle Road, lives Bonnie Shipe,
the Ice Cream Lady. Sam Waddle (remember Jerry Cabin?) started a fund for
Bonnie and she is now a Life Member of ATC. Unfortunately for Thru-Hikers,
Bonnie was working in 89 and only home on weekends to give out ice-cream
cones and Kool-Aid. An amazing person. With the new relo, the AT will no
longer pass her house, Thru-Hikers will miss her.


V-36. The trail leaves the roads to follow the 10 ft wide Conodoguinet Creek
where what used to the southernmost cable-crossing was broken in 88 and 89.
Of the unpleasant crossing in 89  one hiker wrote “No bridge, no fallen
tree. Steep muddy slippery banks, no rocks to hop across on, creek not deep
but enough to go over and into boots. Poison Ivy under control Thank God but
was hanging all over the only tree available for a creek crosser to hang
onto. My advice, Grin and bear it!”


V-38b. Doyle Hotel: Cheap hot rooms $11 single or $16 double in 89. Kind of
rundown and flophousish, but nice folks. 50 cent drafts in hotel bar where,
for better or worse, you can always find someone to drink with. One hiker
wrote “Room 16 is the best in the place, nice, airy with a real brass double
bed, view of the flagpole on top of the mountain, noisy trains, antique
furniture, nice old place. Big spiders come out at night and hang from the
ceiling just above the windows. I felt like Little Miss Muffet!”

Jungle Jim of 89 says “All things considered, I personally believe that a
Thru-Hike is not complete unless one stops at Doyle’s”


V-40. The Earl Shafer Shelter has been renamed Peters Mountain Shelter at
the request of Earl, but it’s more of a shelterette, holds four. (This was
recently dismantled and brought to Pine Grove Furnace for the AT Museum.


V- 42. Rausch Gap Shelter is affectionately known as the Half way Hilton.


V-43. No shelter for 31 miles between Rausch Gap and the Eagle’s Nest.


V-46. Be careful in the section from I-81 to Port Clinton. Indiana John’s
pack was stolen while he slept in the rain at Blue Mountain Campsite – he
had made the mistake of telling a stranger where he was going to stay. Packs
have been stolen in 1980, 81, 82, and 85. Don’t leave pack to go down for
water, don’t leave pack outside tent unless you have it rigged to make
noise, don’t talk with strangers about your plans for the night.


V-50. Eagle’s Nest Shelter is awesome. Note that the 89 databook had this
shelter at the site of old Neys Shelter. Just north of Sand Spring Trail and
before Cross-Mtn Road.


V-51. Cross Mountain Road, Haag’s Hotel gives meaning to AYCE with its PA
Dutch family-style meal. Blue Ridge Ranger of 89 wrote, “I hurt myself.
Advice: go slow on the appetizers till the meat dish arrives!”


V-53. The Trail out of Port Clinton used to go by an unsightly dump, but it
was cleaned up in the fall of 88 by a massive volunteer effort. Thanks!


V-56. Eckville Hiker Hostel: Todd & Cindy have moved to their log cabin and
will not be the caretakers in 90 for the hostel.


V-61. Wind Gap. Mr Worcester of 89 wrote “Be careful descending to the road
in Wind Gap. The trail drops steeply to road and road is fairly busy. Don’t
step on wooden erosion bars if wet. An 89 hiker took a spill and almost
rolled into the road!”


V-64. DWG. Church Hostel. Karen Nickels. Two hikers had their packs stolen
out of the hostel in 1984, while they went to East Stroudsburg for errands,
but no incidents since. $3 donation after first night expected in 89. Hug
hiker grab box, clean towels & shower.


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