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Wed Mar 21 12:59:24 CDT 2012

In Central Florida the wild iris on the Florida trail are getting past peak and the little white violets are fadinig too.  The ladies' hat pins are coming on strong.   I'm watching now for the places where lupine and rose pegonia bloom so that I can catch them.  Pitcher plants still look like last year's faded, worn batch.  

In the neighborhood, the azaleas are just about past blooming, as are the tabulia (sp?) trees.  The best thing this week is the peak of the citrus bloom.  In the damper night air, going outside is like stepping into an orange blossom perfume factory.  

The painted buntings are busy calorie loading at my bird feeder.  They should be leaving for points north soon.  Saw a molting indigo bunting this week too.

On and off all last night barred owls gave 10-20 minute serenades.  One (or more) are apparently living in the big oak right outside my open bedroom window.  Just hearing them makes me smile, even if I am losing sleep.

It was an extremely mild winter here.  As far as I can tell the mosquitos never died, nor did the ticks or chiggers.  If the summer is as hot as the winter was, we're in for it.

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