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VI DWG to NY/CT Line

7. Culvers Gap, US 206: Worthington Bakery – no bread but great pastries,
all those cookies you used to dream about as a kid, etc.


9. Conflicting reports on Rutherford Shelter. One 89 hiker said “Was a muddy
pit &mosquito breeding ground. In addition, the trail to the shelter is
poorly blazed.” Another hiker said “Very nice shelter now with excellent
spring.” Got new roof and floor in Aug 89.

11. Section from High Point Shelter to NJ 94 is a bit trying. Some comments
from 89 hikers and maintainers:

a. On poison ivy: “As bad in this section as I’ve ever seen! Some folks have
had to leave the AT because of it.”

b. On the route: “Unfortunately, most of the roadwalks in the section have
been eliminated. This section nearly made me lose my mind. The new relos
increase your swamp time immensely. Could easily walk roads following old
guidebook directions and blacked-out blazes.

c. On changing one’s mind: “I got mad when I read registers from folks ahead
badmouthing this section of the Trail. After having walked them, however, I
think I can recommend their advice; take a bus.”

d. Different viewpoint: The next 50 miles are the most diverse on the Trail.
Everything from, and including, thru swamps on board walks, under an
electrified fence, pastures with cows, thru cornfields, around acres and
acres of sod farms, past a racetrack where trotters are exercised, walk
along old railroad grades and road walking. All of this in addition to
climbing mountains with beautiful views.


12. Unionville, NY: place to camp: None. Used to be able to camp behind the
firehouse, but, as an 87 hiker reported it, “Unfortunately, a hiker was
spotted early one morning with his pants down 
” Maybe camp in front of big
cement VFW building on hill with permission of owner or maybe the American
Legion ballpark. No place for certain.


13. After crossing Wallkill Rd, trail walks around a sod farm: no shade, no
water, bad mosquitoes in wet years, no fun.


14. Pochuck Mtn Shelter completed in Oct. 89, no water, stream is ¼ mile


16. Vernon, NJ Pavilion run by the fire department. Firehorn next to
pavilion is an eye-opener!


17. Wawayanda SP has an area for thru-hikers to camp; privy in 88 is gone in
89. Jungle Jim of 89 reports “bitter, humiliating treatment from the ranger
and clerical staff. Honestly, we did not provoke this behavior.” Were the
park folks just having a bad day?


19. Roger’s Appalachia Cottage, Jun 29 to Jul 25. Roger is now a 2000 miler
himself. Limited to 4 hikers, donations welcome, bed, breakfast and supper.
(In 97 Roger was still accepting hikers; I don’t know when he stopped. –rd)


27. Due to local abuse, and despite the local maintainer’s valiant efforts,
Fingerboard Shelter in 89 was rundown and trashed. 


29. William Brien Memorial Shelter had burned and in early 89 was nothing
but a pile of rocks and some walls. Was rebuilt later in 89 and is now
excellent. Club hopes to improve uncertain water supply in 90.


31. West Mtn Shelter .6 m off trail can see the lights of NYC. “The Void”
was shot here in summer of 89, bullet hit bone and deflected out, he and
fellow-hiker walked back to Palisades Parkway to call for help.


38. Anthony’s Nose: As the joke goes, you pick your way up.


39. Graymoor Monastery. Admittance at 4 pm, Fr. Bosco is no longer the
coordinator, now Fr. Cuthbert. Your own room with sink and Dixie cups,
showers, free AYCE dinner and breakfast. Washer and dryer available, one
night limit, donations. A memorable stay that could improve your opinion of
organized religion. Let’s hope the kindness of the monk s will not be abused
by some and thereby lost to all. (In 2011 the hikers camp at a large field
that has a pavilion, shower and privy. No longer serving food. –rd)


44. Ralph’s Peak Hikers Cabin has water from pump, beds, books, garage with
bicycles, Joe Hrouda as caretaker. It takes an hour just to look at all
fascinating stuff on the walls. The RPH Cabin is the only shelter on the
Trail with an address and a mailbox! Ask Joe about the American flag.
Ralph’s Peak was a 15 ft high pile of dirt, since removed!


45. Crossing the Taconic State Parkway is dangerous, be patient at rush
hour. State DOT has closed the culvert crossing under the Taconic Parkway
which hikers sometimes used in dry weather. DOT is planning to install
waist-high guardrail. If they do then hikers will have to climb over with a
pack on & hope they don’t fall over the other side into busy traffic.


48. Trail passes no closer than ¼ mile of place that developed nuclear fuels
in the 50s and 60s. Warning notice posted, blue-blaze alternate route is
available. Hikers who stay on Trail are in no danger. NPS continues to
monitor and clean up part of site now designated “no entry” area. Great
register entries about this place; Warren Doyle reportedly doesn’t need his
headlamp here!


50. West Dover Road (County 20) Edward R. Murrow Park has cold showers,
sleep in pavilion free in 89, swim in lake for $2, 2.1 miles south, take
right on Lakeside Road, 1 mile to Murrow Park.


52. From NY 22 to Wiley Shelter, Trail was in bad condition in 88. Extensive
work by local maintainer from another section and ADK Mid-Hudson Chapter has
much improved it. Whoever is responsible, thanks!


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