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Sun Mar 25 10:22:43 CDT 2012

It can't REALLY be TWENTY years, can it??? <sigh>

March 25th, 1992; Springer Mountain Shelter, Georgia -
    This will probably be a short introduction. After years of dreaming,
and months of planning, I'm finally on “THE TRAIL”. The only problem is, I
don't believe it yet. I've put off [emotionally] thinking about it for so
long that I cannot grasp what is actually happening. I guess that all I can
do is take it one day at a time, just like always.
    Oh well, on with the day – Left Marietta Ga with Lynne and Bob Kipp,
and a weather report of 44 degrees and a chance of showers in Atlanta.
Arrived at Amicalola Falls State Park a little later than expected, about
10:15, and much colder than Marietta. Visitor Center is being rebuilt; no
register, no ranger, no scale (maybe better?) Said goodbye to Lynne and Bob
and the “real world” and hit the East Ridge access trail about 10:30.
Before I reached the Upper Falls the overcast skies had turned to
sprinkles, then to drizzle, and later on to freezing rain an snow. Thought
picture: Big white snowflakes drifting past bright green holly leaves.
Found out I could have saved two miles and an hour of hiking if only I had
been dropped off at the Upper Falls, oh well... Met three backpackers
heading in out of the snow, then two day hikers and a thru-hiker with two
dogs (King and Gemma), and the snow turned back to rain. Great day for
hypothermia!! Hit the top of Springer (inside a cloud) and had to warm the
camera up before it would take pictures. About five other thru-hikers had
signed in at the mailbox register today, so I'll probably have company even
though no one else is around right now. Arrived at the shelter about 2:40,
finished lunch, filtered water, made tea, and crawled in the sleeping bag.
I'll sit back to read, wait for dinner, and see if I end up with company.
    7:15 pm; Justin from Florida stopped in, then stayed. Chatted a while,
then Scott from Floriday arrived. Justin is thru-hiking, Scott is on spring
break, and jealous I think. The Sawyers just arrived, they're an older
couple from Ohio via Denver, out to thru-hike too. Getting quite a little
collection going here.
    Been sitting up in a cloud since I got here, watching the mist blowing
around, and hoping it will get nicer tomorrow.

Best thing to happen today: GETTING STARTED!!!

And no, I'm not going to deluge the list with daily updates from a twenty
year old journal..  :-)

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