[at-l] Remember Tom Stone

Ryan Crawford nayrdrofwarc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 10:54:49 CDT 2012

Yes, definitely unfortunate he didn't get the chance to show his slide show 
at the ALDHA Gathering.  I saw him just 30 minutes from Hanover in 2001 two 
days before the start of the Gathering.  His first or second slide was of a 
white blaze and the third slide was of rime ice covering the Mount 
Washington Observatory.  He initially planned to walk from his house, right 
on the AT to Mount Katahdin and then road walk to the seacoast before 
catching a boat over to Europe.  When he got to Mt. Washington they strongly 
advised him to get off the AT and walk down the road thanks to the icy 
conditions.  He listened and started his road from the top Washington.

They were on the verge of getting him in but he ended up getting killed in 
Afghanistan before it could happen.


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