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I hiked  in 1986 and used the "PG" which I believed to be the third bound 
edition, 1984  being the first year of the little book. I thought there were 
only two or three  years of the "two mimeographed page edition". If so there 
would be no 1978  edition. Has anyone checked the Yearbook to see when the 
Philosopher made  his first Thru Hike? I would check this but my Yearbook is 
in Florida and I'm in  Vermont.
Of course at advanced age my memory is  always questionable?
The Old  RidgeRunner  

Absolutely wonderful. I'm still working through them..... (One of  these 
days, I'm going to come upon my 1978 PG -- two mimeographed pages. I  *know* I 
still have it somewheres...)

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> Just  wanted to thank Rockdancer again for posting those 
> excerpts. Those were  great!

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