[at-l] May 7 hiker arrested for email threats

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I found it interesting that the secret service was in conversation via email. --rockdancer

Technology Helps Secret Service Apprehend Suspect Quickly

41-year old Christopher Hecker allegedly sent a threatening email to the president from an e-mail application on his cellphone. 

Despite reports across the nation, the Waynesboro Police Department confirmed Hecker is from Norristown, Pa near Philadelphia.

Waynesboro was a stop he made while hiking the Appalachian Trail. 

Investigators said Hecker had been sending emails from his cell phone while on the trail. He sent warnings and taunts to news agencies saying he had placed bombs at many high profile locations.

The Secret Service emailed him, and on April 26th Hecker replied that he was in the Buena Vista area.

He made his way to Waynesboro and logged into his email on the library's computer.

“In the afternoon, a local police officer arrived and notified me that a threatening email was sent to the U.S. President from a library Internet station. They had an idea of which station it was sent from,” said Director of the Waynesboro Public Library Zahr Mahmoud. 

An officer with the Waynesboro Police Department said that technology allowed the Secret Service to move quickly.

“They were able to track him down so quickly,” said Sgt. Brian Edwards with the Waynesboro Police Department. “The Secret Service brought an actual mobile tech truck with the satellite. They were actually able to ping his phone using this.”

The Waynesboro Police Department said their part in the investigation is now finished and they are not uncertain of where Hecker is being detained.

Hecker is awaiting psychological evaluation from the Valley Community Services Board.


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