[at-l] World's Top 10 Treks

Jack Vanderbijl jacko_1956 at hotmail.com
Wed May 23 06:27:38 CDT 2012

Maybe I'm dumb but when I follow the links I find a list of 5.
All are actually on my bucket list (the Great Wall well down mind) but still only 5...

For the record I don't think any such list can truly be made because we all seek something different from a walk/trek.
What would you judge different trails by?
Difficulty?  The Coast to Coast in England would certainly not qualify.
Length?  Well new ones are being created all the time but from what I can see many have rather staid boring sections through "civilization " as it's harder and harder to find lengthy sections of wilderness connected.
Popularity?  Well that seems to be their criteria but I think most would find that there is a lot to be said for a true wilderness experience that few go to.

The AT that we predominantly have interest in on this list must be in a top 10 because of it's age, popularity and the fact that it has inspired so much and so many.
Literature, people and other trails have been inspired by the AT.  My own local track (Bibbulmun) was created using the AT as a "model" but could never make a worldwide top 10 as an "epic" walk (but would probably make a top 10 for facilities provided).

All food for thought and by the way I (and my 25yo son) are still on target for a 2013 thruhike of the AT with a start date a week or two before end of March.

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